Use estimation,mental math,or paper and pencil to convert from one unit to the other.

1. 2 gal. 2 qt. is how many quarts?

Solution: we know that one gallon equals 4 quarts, so just add another gallon,and two more quarts


2.3 yd. is how many feet?

Solution: we know that 1 yard is 3 feet,so just add another two yards


3.1ft.8 inches is how many inches?

solution: we know that i foot is 12 inches,from there you just add the inches


4.3/5 tons is how many pounds?

solution:we know that 1 ton is two thousand pounds, so we just divide by 5 and then multiply by three


5.30 inches is how many feet?

solution:we know that twelve inches is one foot